Friday, March 1, 2024
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Telkom introduces Unlimited Data and Voice

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Telkom today announced an overhaul of its fixed line product offering with the launch of Unlimited Home Internet and voice plans. (Image source: File)

Telkom today announced an overhaul of its fixed line offering with the launch of Unlimited Home Internet and voice plans.

For the first time, fixed line consumers are now able to choose their internet speeds and get uncapped data and unlimited anytime Telkom voice calls for free. This includes calls to over 6 million Telkom fixed and mobile numbers, and discounted calls to the top 30 international destinations.

In addition, consumers will also receive at least 1GB of mobile data per month, to stay connected while on the move.

Telkom has been taking a stand against the high cost of broadband for some time now with ground-breaking packages such as FreeMe and FreeMe Family mobile offerings and now Unlimited Home for fixed-line customers.

“South Africans want more affordable data and that’s what we are giving them. We are reducing the cost to communicate and making the internet more accessible,” said Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai.

“Our FreeMe and FreeMe Family products gave South Africans the freedom they needed to communicate conveniently and cost-effectively. Unlimited Home extends our commitment to affordability to our fixed line customers too. We are at the forefront of reducing communication costs and Telkom has taken another big step to making the internet more accessible,” he said.

From 31 August, existing uncapped customers will automatically be upgraded to the new Unlimited Home Plans at higher speeds. Customers will be upgraded from 2Mbps to 4Mbps and from 4Mbps to 8Mbps or 10Mbps respectively. Customers will enjoy double the broadband speed and experience much higher fair use policy values with minimal price increases compared to current packages. Significant price reductions have been applied to the 20, 40 and 100Mbps Unlimited Home Plans.

The Unlimited Home plans entry level speeds will now be 4Mbps going up to 100Mbps on fibre. The service offers uncapped data, with the industry’s most generous fair use policy yet announced. The policy will apply only after at least 360GB have been downloaded on the 4Mbps service and 6000GB on the 100Mbps service. Data downloaded between 12 midnight and 7am does not count towards the fair usage policy, which further increases the value.

The packages, which are competitively priced by global standards, will open new unlimited gaming, streaming and downloading opportunities for South Africans for a standard monthly cost.

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