Tanzania continues to fight cybercrime

Cyber attacks moving to mobile
Colin Thornton, MD, Dial a Nerd says Cyber attacks are moving to mobile (image: Shutterstock)
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Tanzania and China are considering cooperating in internet and new media to control cybercrime. (image: Shutterstock)

In a bid to protect citizens and businesses from malicious hackers and cyber-criminals, the government of Tanzania is drafting new internet legislation.

The government hopes to cooperate with China to introduce the Personal Data Protection Act to make cyberspace more secure and protect users.

The new cyber law could add onto the two cyber-crime laws dubbed Cybercrimes Act 2015 and Electronic Transactions Act 2015.

Deputy minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Mr Edwin Ngonyani, said the government had done a lot in making sure that the country and its people were safe online and would strive to make the internet crime-free. “It is a responsibility of all of us to work together towards enhancement of our systems and protecting information to ensure adequacy and security around cyber infrastructure and content, which includes individual users that use the cyberspace,” he said.

According to the deputy minister, the proposed law would for the first time allow law enforcement to intrude on suspected communications and legalise the use of social media communication as evidence in court.


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