Snapchat introduces Group Story in latest update

Snapchat's share rise rivaled that of Facebook's opening.
Snapchat's share rise rivaled that of Facebook's opening.
Snapchat’s latest update introduces Group Stories.

Snapchat, the photo and video sharing social media platform, announced yesterday on their website that their latest update will allow users to create group stories.

The update comes as the Los Angeles based company looks to stay ahead of other social media platforms such as Instagram. As other platforms continue to duplicate Snapchat’s features, the need to continue evolving has never been greater for the company which went public earlier this year.

The new form of Story is designed to make sharing around big events easier. The new feature allows users create global and geofenced stories with friends of their choosing. This gives users the ability to collaborate with people of their choosing when sharing video stories of major events.

In other words the update allows users to create a single album or hub for exchanging memories. The album then gets automatically deleted, unless saved by the user, after a day goes by without a new upload.

This is undoubtedly an attempt by Snapchat to attract new users following their recently released first earnings report as a publicly traded company. This report indicates that user growth has been lower than projected and the company is banking on new features to improve this.

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