#datafalls as Vox crashes cost of its Fat Pipe DSL packages

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African countries with the fastest mobile internet speed ranked.

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Vox has dropped its data prices to less than R1 per GB.

With recent social media outrage on high priced data in South Africa, integrated ICT and connectivity provider, Vox is dropping the retail rates of its Fat Pipe Home DSL to below R1 per GB effective, 17 November 2016.

¨Our data prices are falling, just in time for some festive cheer,” says Simon Butler, Executive Head of Carrier and Connectivity at Vox.

The price decrease will apply for all new online sales, across its Fat Pipe DSL product range, on top of which, a payment holiday will be applied for all subscriptions bought online before 01 January 2017.

Adds Butler, ¨the first subscription fees for qualifying customers will only be due in February 2017.¨

Vox has indicated that existing Fat Pipe customers can look forward to additional data, for the same price as they are currently paying, effectively bringing their per GB price below R1 as well.

¨A 100GB customer paying R189 for example will be bumped to 200GB with no change in their monthly subscription costs,” says Butler.

Vox delivers an unshaped internet experience, available on all line speeds, with up to six months data rollover and now for less than R1/ GB.

Concludes Butler, ¨Not everyone has access to fibre but the message we are getting loud and clear is that people want more data, for a better price. This price drop makes getting online cheaper than it has ever been before and we´re excited about playing a part in the move to drive down the cost of data.¨

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