The role of technology in shaping education in Nigerian

Passnownow believes that the technology shift is needed in the Nigerian education system.
Passnownow believes that the technology shift is needed in the Nigerian education system.
Passnownow says that a technology shift is needed in the Nigerian education system.

Education in Nigeria has had a paradigm shift in the last decade. Although, traditional school system has received wide spread acceptance across the various ethnic classifications and learning beyond the shores of a conventional classroom has been embraced as well.

There has always been a mass outcry on the decay that has plunged the traditional system of learning – the physical space which we have created – giving it a brisk nosedive and which was helped down its slide by an education system that’s crowded, understaffed, under-supervised and failing. In the advent of e-Learning and its introduction to a country like ours, the internet has played a pivotal role in providing easy access to students’ curriculum based content and examinations online.

Technology has provided access to mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads, tabs etc and which has in many wise contributed to the effectiveness of Teaching and Learning. It is noteworthy that many students now embrace the beauty of social media as it contributes to education, especially because of the fora it creates for discussion, inspiration, motivation, and transferring of ideas and up on till now, there are 1001 websites, blogs that allows for the active participation of students in a robust learning process.

The efforts of technology in the re-definition of the respective roles of students and teachers, the traditional system of learning sets the tone that teachers are the edifice of knowledge, and that students should pay unusual attention to accrue adequate knowledge from them cannot be over emphasised. But there’s been a slight tilt with the advent of education through technology because access to information and educational material has been made easy by technology.

Students are wittingly utilising their devices to gather knowledge for their learning experience while the teachers’ act as guides in teaching and learning process just as they are learning beyond the four walls of a classroom, and utilising technology the same way as teachers in a bid to prepare constructive materials that are necessary for effective teaching.
Mobile classroom technology is playing a great role in the realisation of learning beyond the classroom walls. Internet is everywhere and rather than spend time on unnecessary things on the internet, preferences are now placed on conscientious studies made possible by smart devices that can connect to it.

Education is gradually evolving through technology and at, is shaping the future of education by creating a beautiful online learning environment where students can interact, learn and excel. It offers free academic content for all classes and subjects in accord with the Nigerian curriculum, and also entertains users with fun articles, puzzles, games, and social content that fascinate young minds. To encounter the beauty of learning with the aid of technology, visit to register and explore our learning community in the comfort of your room.


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