Obama returns to Kenya, Twitter reacts to homecoming

Obama in Kenya
President Obama's 2006 visit. (Image Source: hekaheka.com/)
Obama in Kenya
President Obama’s 2006 visit. (Image Source: hekaheka.com/)

United States President, Barack Obama, will be visiting Kenya shortly for the upcoming 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). During his visit, the President will hold talks on trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism, democracy and human rights.

With the announcement of his arrival, many Kenyans took to social media to welcome the US President to his ancestral homeland.

The tweets can be found below. To keep track of the latest tweets from Kenya use the following hashtags: #ObamaReturns#ObamaHomecoming.

Kenya dubbed: “Terror Hotbed”
As Kenyans welcome the President, via social media, bizcommunity.com reported that CNN has is getting heat from the Kenyan social media community. The report reveals that CNN named Kenya as a terror hotbed.”

Kenyans have reached out to social media via the hashtag: #SomeoneTellCNN

Some of the tweets sent out can be found below:

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