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Nigeria: Alcatel-Lucent showcases the benefits of ultra-broadband

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Nigeria ultra-broadband
With a population of 170 million, Nigeria is considered as Africa’s biggest economy.

The Alcatel-Lucent Technology Week took place at a three-day event in both Lagos and Abuja in early July 2015. The event was well attended by over a hundred professionals from Nigeria ICT ecosystem.

Communications service providers, with the support of the regulatory body in Nigeria are deeply engaged in the process of evolving their networks toward ultra-broadband and IP networking technologies – a process that aligns closely with Alcatel-Lucent’s areas of specialisation under The Shift Plan.

The Alcatel-Lucent Technology week in Nigeria hosted over a hundred professionals from the ICT sector, including those involved in strategic planning, network design, new service implementation and network management from Airtel, EMTS, GLO, MTN, NATCOM, Nigeria Communications Commision (NCC) and UBC services.

With seven group workshops and a dozen of private sessions, attendees benefitted from a comprehensive and customized agenda which covers key hot techno topics including ultra-broadband (Wireless , LTE) , IP Routing and Transport (IP, Optics and Microwave Transmission) and Managed services. The event offered a great opportunity for both Nigeria ICT professionals and Alcatel-Lucent subject matter experts to have a frank and detailed exchange on the infinite and fastest technologies opportunities to keep everyone at the forefront of today’s ultra-connected world.

Commenting at the event, Richard Edet, Country Senior Officer and Managing director of Alcatel-Lucent in Nigeria said: “With a population of 170 million, Nigeria is considered as Africa’s biggest economy and one of the largest and fastest growing telecom markets on the continent. The telecoms sector is changing profoundly. It has a tremendous business opportunities linked to other industries but the country’s infrastructure will need greater capacity to deliver high-quality ultra-broadband connectivity to support added-value services for end users in both urban and remote areas. Together with the ICT ecosystem, we, all, have a real and great responsibility to enable broadband to empower marginalized groups and deliver social and economic benefits to all. Technology innovation is the only economical way to make it happen.”

He also added: “The Alcatel-Lucent Technology Week was an excellent occasion to exchange, share, and build up together the next innovation framework that will help our customers’ innovate to unleash their values within their networks. I really look forward to the next session coming up soon”.

In an ultra-connected society, everyone expects fast, easy connections to everything, all the time, everywhere. And they want a rich, satisfying experience, whether it’s watching video entertainment from mobile devices, using cloud-based business applications or gaining access to health care from a remote area. Ultra-broadband technologies provide exactly what it is required for success in this dynamic, interconnected world. Service providers can make the most of its vast opportunities – and meet its challenges. It allows them to move faster to meet demand. It gets them closer to end-users, so they can faster improve their experience.

Increasing the availability of ultra-broadband services is essential for Nigeria’s future development and transformation. Having access to information, education and economic opportunities are what make a high quality of life possible. No matter where people are located, digital inclusion is critical.

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