5 Nigerian startups take on 2015 MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Mitx 2015
50 candidates were selected from 24 countries at an acceptance rate of 0.08 per cent.

The 2015 MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is set to be held between 23 & 28 August 2015. The bootcamp will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and will host 5 startups hailing from Nigeria.

According to MITx, 50 candidates were selected from 24 countries at an acceptance rate of 0.08 per cent.

MIT Alumni have started 25,600 companies, generated approximately $2 trillion in revenue and created 3.3 million jobs.

Below, are the 5 startups selected from Nigeria that will be participating in the 2015 MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

Nigerian startups participating:

Startup: Bus Stop
Creator: Emmanuel Adegboye
City: Lagos
Website: www.century21media.com
Startup Summary: Bus Stop is solving the problem of navigation using the various available public transportation options in Africa.

Startup: Slatecube
 Chris Kwekowe
City: Lagos
Website: www.slatecube.com
Startup Summary: Slatecube leverages knowledge with skill-acquisition to promote employability and social development by allowing individuals to learn, work with companies on projects, and possibly get employed to do the things they love!. Slatecube is powered by leading schools and organisations.

Startup: Verdant
 Nasir Yammama
City: London
Website: N/A
Startup Summary: Verdant is an Agtech startup.  Verdant essentially collects agricultural data from different sources and places it at the convenience of the farmer. Additionally, it as well provides all-round support from pre-planting to harvest and beyond.

Startup: Aajoh
 Similoluwa Adejumo
City: Lagos
Website: www.aajoh.com
Startup Summary: Aajoh optimises hospital productivity and revenues by transforming health care delivery into a simple, fast, secure and automated Web platform. This increases accessibility to healthcare delivery and improves standardisation of health care.

Startup: ThinkAndZoom
  Zuby Onwuta
City: Austin, Texas
Website: www.thinkandzoom.com
Startup Summary: ThinkAndZoom is a wearable technology that is intended to provide hands free visual magnification for the visually impaired. According to developer, Zuby Onwuta, ThinkandZoom is essentially powered by the human mind.

Darryl Linington