Social media network Wangu launches in Zimbabwe

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Social media network “Wangu” arises in Zimbabwe.

According to a report by The Herald, Zimbabwe now has its own dedicated social media network. The report reveals that social media website “Wangu” functions similarly to popular social networks like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.

According to the report, globally social media has presented opportunities for business and social interaction that has been embraced not only by the young generation, but has also permeated all sectors of the economy.

The report reveals that, with Zimbabwe emerging as one of the fastest growing consumer groups of technology in Africa, Wangu has stepped to the plate to meet this demand.

The local platform emerged towards the end of 2014 on a trial basis, as a group of young entrepreneurs pooled resources and started inviting people to share experiences on the network.

According to the company, is a social network targeted towards Zimbabweans locally and abroad and makes connecting with friends and discovering new information easier, more fun and more culturally relevant.

A statement issued by Wangu said the network allows members to share photos, videos, music and engage one another in discussion forums.

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