Samsung unveils SUHD TV range for South Africa

Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung SUHD TV
The SUHD TV range will come it at various recommended retail prices, which range from R35 000 to R250 000 000 – depending on the model purchased. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington)

At an exclusive launch event in Bryanston, Johannesburg, Samsung Electronics South Africa unveiled its latest product offering – the Samsung SUHD TV range. While the latest offering from Samsung comes across as a leap forward in technology, it doesn’t come cheap.

According to Samsung the new range of SUHD TVs, to launch in the South African market, will offer three new models, the JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500. The range will feature seven different screen sizes varying from 55-inch to 88-inch. At the event, Samsung also revealed that the SUHD TV range will come in at various recommended retail prices, which range from R35 000 to R250 000 000 – depending on the model purchased.

According to Samsung the S in SUHD does not necessarily mean Super. In an official media statement the company revealed the following: “Samsung reserves the “S” identification for its premium flagship products that signify a true leap forward in technology. Samsung is excited to extend the prestigious “S” identification to its latest premium TV lineup, the SUHD TV.”

Each SUHD TV comes with a curved 4K display, which features Samsung’s nano-crystal colour technology. Additionally, each SUHD TV will feature 4x HDMI ports in order to connect compatible devices. The range will feature Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

According to the company, its Smart TV range – including the SUHD – will be powered by Tizen, an open-source platform that supports web standards for app development. Samsung revealed that Tizen allows for a multitude of new features, including a more intuitive UI (User Interface), more truly integrated entertainment experience and more ways to access content.

During the course of the event, Samsung announced its partnership with Vonetize to launch Aflix- a service that will offer access to Hollywood movies, television series and other video entertainment to 30 countries across the continent. Furthermore, Samsung has also included a range of apps that will cater for the African market.

Some of the more notable features include Quick Connect, which allows Samsung smartphones to be paired to an SUHD TV via Bluetooth. This allows consumers to share video content from their Samsung smartphone to their Smart TV. Users can also watch TV programmes from their mobile device, without any apps or setting adjustments.

The Samsung SUHD TV range will officially be available in South Africa on 18 May 2015; however, pre-orders can be made.

Darryl Linington