Gilat CEO steps down

Erez Antebi
Erez Antebi
Erez Antebi, has decided to step down from the position of CEO of Gilat Satellite Networks. (Image Source: Gilat Satellite Networks).

Gilat Satellite Networks has revealed that Erez Antebi, has decided to step down from the position of CEO of Gilat Satellite Networks. Dov Baharav, Gilat’s Chairman of the Board will assume the position of interim CEO until a new CEO is appointed. The transition between Baharav and Antebi will take place during the second quarter of 2015. Mr. Baharav will remain Gilat’s Chairman of the Board.

On behalf of Gilat’s Board of Directors, Dov Baharav stated, “We recognize Erez’s great contribution to Gilat over the many years in his various positions. His achievements include developing and leading a series of successful initiatives to enter new markets, as well as new product development, streamlining operations and improving cost savings. These and others have helped establish a solid foundation for Gilat’s future”.

Erez Antebi said, “After many years in the company and 3 years as CEO, I’m happy to see its success and strong momentum going forward. I am proud of having led the company back to a profitable path and turning Gilat into a true global leader in its space. Though I have decided to look for my next opportunities, I will always remain committed to Gilat’s success”.

Dov Baharav added, “Over the past year as Gilat’s Chairman, I have come to know and appreciate the great assets of this company. We have leading edge technologies, a strong position and reputation in the market and most importantly a great team of people with a strong leadership. Our priority now is to raise the bar, and accelerate Gilat’s innovation and growth going forward.

I strongly believe in Gilat’s potential and I am fully committed to seize growth opportunities and propel Gilat to new heights”.

Baharav joined Gilat’s Board of Directors and was appointed Chairman in May 2014. Mr. Baharav previously served as Chairman of Israel Aerospace Industries and as President and Chief Executive Officer of Amdocs for 8 years. Mr. Baharav transitioned Amdocs back to a state of growth with annual revenues of over $3 billion, more than doubling over a span of a few years following his appointment.

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