CIO Roadmap 2015: Britehouse takes the lead as Platinum Sponsor

CIORoadmap2015Africa’s foremost ICT publication, today announced that Britehouse and IT News Africa have partnered for the upcoming 2015 CIO Roadmap.

About CIO Roadmap 2015

CIO Roadmap 2015 is expected to bring you a day of learning, peer sharing and exploring the latest IT and Business trends that will shape the role of the CIO. This event will consist of pre-arranged meetings, panel discussions and live one-on-one interviews with top local and international business journalists from recognised print, broadcast and online publications.

CIO Roadmap will help CIOs chart their organisations’ IT Roadmaps and help drive their IT Initiatives in the right direction. With over 200 IT leaders in attendance, CIO Roadmap 2015 offers an interactive, IT leader-centred platform to exchange ideas and receive actionable guidance from prominent CIOs, IT experts and senior executives from leading technology providers.

About Platinum Sponsor Britehouse

Britehouse is an African-based company providing industry leading Digital solutions to fellow African and global companies. Britehouse focuses on employing the best people and equips them with the skills to deliver. Britehouse partners with the best technologies such as SAP and Microsoft and complements these with its own mobile and software products.

According to Britehouse, “We put the power of social into our customer’s hands, with Big Digital solutions that bring together the new world of work, offering a social business approach to big data, knowledge sharing, collaboration and the customer experience.”

Britehouse solutions can be delivered through customised and pre-packaged On-Premise Solutions. We implement the technology faster, allowing customers to extract value from the solution sooner, giving our clients a jump start on their Digital journey.

Additionally, Britehouse delivers Cloud Applications and Services, providing complete system access without the responsibility of maintaining hardware, software or even connectivity and all of our solutions and services are built to be “mobile ready”. Britehouse also offers exceptional Application Outsource and Support to each and every client, formatted to suit their needs either through remote or on-site support or completely outsourced staff and application systems.

How to Attend

With over 200 attendees, exhibitors and journalists, CIO Roadmap offers world class networking opportunities. This inspiring event will feature cutting-edge demos, engaging keynotes, lively panel discussions, noted local and international speakers, along with an amazing technology exhibition area.

Details of the event:
Date: 24 June 2015
Venue: Michelangelo Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg

Zenzele Ndlovu: [m] [t] +27 11 039 8288 [c] +27 78 071 0344
Vardis Banga: [m] [t] +27 11 026 0979 [c] +27 72 979 0855

Alternatively, fill in the form here to reserve your slot.

IT News Africa has hosted a tremendous amount of events in the past, including the highly sought after Innovation Dinner Series.. These events have become widely known for their quality and relevance. As our events have been hailed by IT leaders, both internationally and locally, we assure you that you will not be disappointed. We look forward to welcoming you to CIO Roadmap 2015.