Nigeria warns Nitel/Mtel bidders to adhere to Nov 7 deadline


NitelThe BPE, the Bureau of Public Enterprises within Nigeria, has warned pre-qualified bidders in the liquidation of Nitel/Mtel to adhere to the 07 November deadline for the submission of technical and financial proposals. The BPE warned that no proposal will be entertained “even if it is one minute after the closing time for submission.” This is according to ThisDay.

BPE MD, Benjamin Dikki stated that bidders were free to submit proposals before the deadline; however, it emphasized that bidders must submit their proposals as scheduled.

According to TelecomPaper, the two prequalified consortia are NETTAG and Natcom. Liquidator, Chief Olutola Senbore, noted that the objectives of the current exercise include the disposal of assets and business units of Nitel and Mtel as one entity; and the need to select bidders/investors through a competitive bidding system that have the technical and financial means to continue to run the two telecom operators as going concerns.

Senbore also noted that the preferred bidder “must have the capability to turn around the business acquired into first-class telecommunications companies.” Senbore said the exercise was different from past ones because it is a disposal of assets and businesses without encumbrances since they are free of liabilities.

Darryl Linington

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