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Jumia Egypt seals partnership with Sony

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Jumia Egypt
According to Jumia, Sony was one of the first brands to sign a Seller Center agreement with the online retailer in June 2014.

Jumia has officially inked and sealed its partnership with Sony on its Egyptian website. Launched two months ago, Sony’s online store on Jumia has increased as well as boosted its sales in Egypt by 15%. This is according to the company.

Mattia Perroni, CEO of Jumia Egypt, stated that: “Jumia has benefited from the shift in consumer buying behavior and has worked on delivering a highly efficient service for both consumers and retailers.”

According to Jumia, Sony was one of the first brands to sign a Seller Center agreement with the online retailer in June 2014. Following this, Sony sales increased by 50% compared with previous sales of its products on Jumia, and by 15% compared with sales prior to the launch of the Sony store on Jumia Egypt.

Bassem Zaki, Business Development Manager at IBS (Sony’s official distributor in Egypt) believes that increasing sales of the online retail will have a positive impact on the overall business, as this sector delivers a higher reach to customers, compared to other offline retail and traditional business models.

He stated that: “We are delighted with the progress and growth that the SONY shop in shop has witnessed on Jumia. This is a result of the company’s investments made early enough in the fast growing segments of tablets, smartphone accessories such as Portable Chargers and On The Go storage. We are expecting further growth in the next couple of years in these three business lines and hence we will work towards expanding our portfolio offerings on Jumia. Since we started our Seller Center agreement in June 2014, our sales have increased by 15% in two months. We’re looking forward to developing our online presence with Jumia to deliver the best shopping experience to our customers.”

“Sony’s shop in shop success on Jumia is a great milestone for us” added Perroni, “Sony products are all set up in one single platform that has high traffic access from online shoppers leading to increased sales. With global brands like Sony buying into the concept, it’s clear that an e-economy is critical to the future of the retail business in Egypt.”

Due to the increasing number of internet users, the expansion of mobile technology and the strong spread of smartphone holders, in addition to the improvement of the delivery system and payment methods, the e-commerce business is widely spreading in the region.

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