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Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Out of the Shadows

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Anybody who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s will have a very good idea of who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are. The crime-fighting, pizza-loving, sewer-dwelling turtles have been the inspiration for many teen birthday parties, and have, on the odd occasion, been the clothing of choice for a Halloween night or two.

Most of the title seems to be a bit rushed in terms of development (image: Microsoft)
Most of the title seems to be a bit rushed in terms of development (Image source: Microsoft)

While the entire franchise has gone through several changes since it made its TV debut in 1987, there is no doubt that generations looked to the lovable Renaissance-named creatures for lessons in life.

And with that comes all the products and merchandise – and video games.

The first video game to feature the Turtles was released in 1989 on the NES and since then 38 other titles have all featured the crime fighters.

But sadly, no matter how cool the entire franchise was (or still is), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows simply does not live up to expectations.

Players can take on the role of any selected Turtle as they hit, stab and kick their way around the city infested with thugs and crime. While the plot and mannerisms sort of stay true to the original franchise, the main issue with the title is the control scheme and the wandering camera angles that sometimes suffer from whiplash.

The button combinations for combos are incredibly simplistic at times, but there also seems to be a bit of a delay when engaging them causing the Turtle to kick and thrash manically even though there are no enemies left to fight off.

The title might be better suited towards the younger folk who are old enough to grasp what is going on, but who wouldn’t complain too much about the Turtles completely changing bodily appearance between cut-scenes.


While the graphics has its moments of offering something decent, most of the title seems to be a bit rushed in terms of development.

Fans of the franchise will recognise a variety of characters, but ultimately the title fails to attract the required attention. And for some inexplicable reason the Turtles have oddly erratic body features, as necks and arms (as an example) will often be out of proportion with the rest of their body.

Our score: 4/10

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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