Saturday, June 15, 2024
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AxizWorkgroup appoints new Executive

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Ex-CEO of Westcon, Jacques Malherbe, has joined AxizWorkgroup in May as the Executive of Advanced Technologies. Advanced Technologies is a new division of AxizWorkgroup which focuses on the monitoring, early adoption and distribution of new technologies within the ICT market.

Jacques Malherbe has joined AxizWorkgroup in May as the Executive of Advanced Technologies. (Image source: AxizWorkgroup)

As a first port of call, Malherbe will focus on AxizWorkgroup on-boarding and expanding Data Centre technologies in order to take engineered solutions around Data Centres to the market.

“The ICT industry is changing slowly but surely. Not only do we see change in the technology itself, but also how they consume technology, the capabilities that technology can deliver, the content that flows on the network and the blurring of lines between the consumer and enterprise ownership. It is easy to grasp the impact on security in this new environment and the load on the organisation to effectively manage and deliver cost effective services moving from a culture of ownership to one of consumption. Where organisations previously bought external storage, they now simply remotely connect to cloud-based storage and access all of their data without the traditional capital investments. Virtualisation liberated the application and that technology evolution is continuing to influence hardware and software design.

AxizWorkgroup’s aim is to be at the forefront of this ICT transformation and to adopt new technologies fast in order to bring it to our resellers and system integrators first. “Not only do we want to offer new technology to our resellers, but also facilitate and enable them to easily adopt the new technology themselves without the obstacle of extended technical training. In this day and age, companies need to act fast and effectively to stay on top and this is exactly what we are gearing to facilitate. With a need for immediate action, our partners will be able to procure services from AxizWorkgroup in order to ensure fast and effective adoption and implementation of new technologies,” continued Malherbe.

“At the end of the day our products and services are intended to solve real life enterprise business challenges. Cloud, big data, BYOD (to name a few) are simple concepts but translates to real impact on how organisations procure, deliver and protect infrastructure around their core applications. This implies the ICT value chain has to respond appropriately and do it fast,” concluded Malherbe.

Malherbe has extensive experience in the ICT industry and acted as Westcon’s CEO for almost 8 years. His specialities lie in ICT value acquisition strategies, building and orchestrating new channel and distribution business models, and building the speciality services led distributor model.

“We are delighted to welcome Jacques to the AxizWorkgroup family and know that with his vast experience, strong character and fabulous work ethic, Advanced Technologies will add huge value to both AxizWorkgroup and our partners, and by ripple effect, the market,” said AxizWorkgroup CEO, Henry Ferreira.

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