NetApp launches enterprise-ready EF540 offering

Global flash memory and storage service provider, NetApp, has launched the EF540 all-flash array as an extension of its enterprise flash portfolio, to support extreme performance-driven enterprise applications. The company also unveiled its new FlashRay product architecture that has been developed to help users maximise the benefits of all-flash arrays.

Mike Styer, Country Manager, NetApp South Africa. (Image: NetApp SA)

The company extended its current line of products, including intelligent caching technologies with the introduction of the EF540 and forthcoming FlashRay family, designed to maximise the value of flash across the entire compute, network and storage stack.

The move is expected to extend the company’s dominance in the flash market, underpinned by the deployment of more than 36PB (Petabytes) of flash in the market to date.

The solution is built on the SANtricity operating system and delivers over 300,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and sub-millisecond data access.  Its purpose, claim management at NetApp, is to eliminate storage over-provisioning and reduce costs by cutting space utilisation, power and cooling.

At a media briefing held in Johannesburg, Mike Styer, Country Manager, NetApp South Africa, said this announcement forms part of the company’s efforts to address a perception that it does not operate within the enterprise space.

“We have not been in this marketplace for a while …. there are a number of startups in this space doing some interesting stuff and there is a global perception that we have not been in the enterprise space. The guys putting stuff out there are using MLC or Multi-Level Cell – pretty much the same as a memory stick.”

The company has now introduced enterprise MLC product and contribute towards a market based on disruptive technology.

“Flash changes everything by transforming the speed of business,” said Manish Goel, executive vice president, Product Operations, NetApp. “However, enterprise imperatives for global scale, efficiency and reliability remain the same. NetApp’s approach to flash removes the compromise from consideration, offering customers the best of all worlds.”

In FlashRay architecture, NetApp believes it has developed a new, purpose-built all-flash storage architecture.

The NetApp EF540 flash array is currently available and the FlashRay product line will be generally available early in 2014.

Chris Tredger, Online Editor