Kenya’s Yu to bypass 3G, head to LTE

Kenya’s mobile phone operator Yu has announced it would skip developing a 3G network altogether and go directly to a LTE network with the goal of boosting its customer base.

Kenya’s mobile phone operator Yu has announced that it will skip the development of a 3G network and move directly on to LTE. (Image: Image: Google/ Ojow)

The new investment will begin to be implemented once the operator secures funding from its shareholders, the company said in a statement.

Country Manager Madhur Taneja said “it is already too late to start investing in 3G infrastructure when the rest of the world is moving to 4G.”

He said the company “will instead save costs and participate in the LTE consortium set up by the government.”

The country manager added that “if 3G will only be available for a short while, they would rather skip the 3G and put money were the future is.”

Yu is the only operator that has not yet rolled out a 3G network in Kenya, which many analysts believe is hurting the company.

Mohammed Awad