Africa 24 to be on Arabsat in North Africa

Mindful of the increase in interest in African affairs, satellite communications services provider, Arabsat, has announced the inclusion of Africa 24 in its group of channels.

Arabsat has announced that it has added Africa 24 to its group of channels as part of the increased interest in African affairs. (Image: Google/

“Africa 24 has selected Arabsat to expand its coverage and launch in French on Arabsat Badr-4 satellite at 26 degree east to cover the Middle East, North Africa and portions of Western Europe,” the company said in a press statement.

“Africa 24 will be able to offer African programming options to the African communities,” it added.

With large portions of North Africa now being home to African migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, Arabsat said the decision was a positive way of improving access to information pertaining to those who are interested in the services.

Arabsat also recently announced the incorporation of a new satellite to boost existing satellite services and provide clearer, improved reception for users in North Africa.

Joseph Mayton