Vodacom launches introduces M2M in Nigeria

Vodacom in Nigeria has announced it launched new M2M services aimed at boosting the financial and retail sectors in the West African country.

Vodacom Nigeria has launched M2M services to boost financial and retail sectors. (Image: File)

The move hopes to bolster corporations and retail companies using the business services from the telecom operator.

Vodacom’s Product Manager Abu Etu said in a statement from the company that “the services can support two Sims and are aimed at applications such as ATMs, POS and back-up.

“Companies can use the mobile data network to connect retailer PoS terminals to central servers or to the Nigerian Interbank Settlement Systems and ATMs to the bank’s central servers,” he added.

According to the statement announcing the launch, the new M2M services will “enables seamless network fail-over to a secondary network in the event of failure on the primary network.”

The goal of the new services hope to bring greater connectivity to commercial districts to rural areas of the 36 states across Nigeria.

With telecom services facing an uncertain future over poor customer services, Vodacom believes that the new service will enable business owners and users to have greater connections with clients and partners across the country.

Joseph Mayton