Nigeria users support NCC banning of promotions

Nigeria’s National Association of Telecommunication Subscribers (NATCOMS) has thrown its support behind the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) decision to bar telecom operators from using sales promotions on its GSM networks until customer service improves in the sector.

NATCOMS has thrown its support behind the NCC's decision to bar telecom operators from using sales promotions (image: file)

NATCOMS head Deolu Ogunbanjo told the News Agency of Nigeria that “the move would free up network capacity and stop the current congestion on networks.”

ICT Minister Omobola Johnson said that “the Federal Executive Council approved the punitive measure in an attempt to force operators to improve services.”

As part of the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) efforts to increase customer satisfaction, the regulator has told all telecom operators in the country that they are barred from using any promotions or lotteries until the mobile phone networks can relieve congestion and quality of service issues that have confounded services in recent years.

The NCC said in a statement published on Tuesday that “the constant promotions were leading to network congestion and difficulties terminating calls, while some promotions of on-net calls at rates below standard interconnection rates could be considered unfair competition.”

It added that the ban will apply to all mobile operators in the country, but it did not give a timetable as to when the ban will be lifted.

David Eto