Telkom Business slashes price of mobile Closed User Groups

Telkom Business today slashed the price of its mobile Closed User Groups (CUGs) value added service from R149 to R99 which offers free, unlimited calls on the Telkom Mobile Network.

Deon Liebenberg, Head of Mobile at Telkom Business (image: file)

In addition, new customers opting for our new 24 month CUG contract will receive the service for free for the first three months of the contract.

In a year of operation Telkom Business has observed significant uptake of the CUG add-on from small business all the way through to a large multi-national customers.

The service allows customers to identify users within their organisations to form part of the CUG. The users in this group are then able to make free, unlimited voice calls to all the users in the CUG – even during peak times. The Telkom Business CUG also offers free calls to one landline number on contracts which enables employees to make mobile calls to the office landline free of charge. The CUG service can be offered to between five users and up to 20 000 users within the group.

A Telkom Business CUG can be managed via an online self-care portal where business administrators can add and delete members independently. The administrator can also set up hierarchies and split billing limits free of charge.

In addition the CUG allows better management of monthly spend, by fixing a monthly spend limit for each user in the group. The users can also create a pool of frequently called contacts to better manage connectivity costs.

“Our CUG service is the ideal business tool for companies with high internal communication expenditure. It is most efficient for staff that need to be in contact with colleagues at all times, such as sales representatives and drivers on the road,” says Deon Liebenberg, Head of Mobile at Telkom Business.

“CUGs allow colleagues to be in contact at anytime – to give updates and feedback on the go. This lends itself to enhanced business efficiency and cost control,” he adds.

The CUG offering is a value added service available on the range of 24 month mobile contracts on offer from Telkom Business. The CUG service can be added or removed from the contract at any point over the 24 months.

Businesses can sign-up for a Closed User Groups by visiting any participating Telkom Direct Store, calling 10217 or their Account Manager.

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