Review: Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock

Samsung is well-known for making a wide range of product of great quality and one of the things the company does get right is producing a good audio system. The Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock is a great alternative to smaller speaker – and it looks good while doing it.

Samsung's Wireless Audio with Dock (image: Samsung)

Starting with the form factor and design, the Audio dock sports a sleek look that will fit in with any room. The classic gloss black finish rounds it off rather nicely and it is actually very stylish. The unit is rather cumbersome and heavy, so it is advisable that users find the right location to avoid having to move the unit around.

While looking good, the dock is also the world’s first wireless audio with dual dock, which supports Samsung’s Galaxy SII and SIII and well as Apple’s iPhone and iPod range of devices.

Connecting a device to the unit is very simple. A small docking station pops open at the back and all users have to do is seat the audio device securely on the connector.

But the unit is not just for listening to music or audio on a mobile phone. The unit can be connected to almost any device, be it a television, DVD player or any other device that has a 3.5mm jack.

It is incredibly versatile in that regard, which makes it great for all occasions. It also supports Bluetooth 3.0, so users will be able to connect more devices to the unit if it does not support their choice of traditional wired connection – after all, it is a wireless audio dock!

Being a Samsung product, it has AllShare Play and AirPlay built in, so users will be able to quickly connect to the unit when they install the Samsung Audio dock app that is available on the Apple Store and Google Play market places.

From a technical point, it has a 2-Channel speaker system (two speakers) with a combined output of 10W. That does not sound like a lot, but the unit is capable of blasting a number of tunes at high volume without distorting.

Speaking of distortion, a number of modes are available to users, including Power Bass, which naturally turns off the bass or adds a little bit more – although it does not have a separate subwoofer.

The unit can be controlled with the buttons located at the top, but it is a lot easier to flip through the option with the small remote supplied. The only problem with swapping through the various connection modes is that they have a set sequence of rotation. If a user skips an option, he or she will have to renavigate the cycle to source the specific option again. 

Audio docks in general really do not do much besides play music and the Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock is no different. That is not such a bad thing because it achieves its primary goalof producing crystal clear sound through a number of connection options.

The device is sturdily built with a stylish design and the audio it produces through the APTX Decoding format is great. Since it only has two speakers, there really is no point to using it as a home theatre system substitution, but for playing music – it is absolutely great.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor