Orange launches 42 Mbps network in Nairobi

August 2, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

In a move that is expected to boost the country’s telecommunications sector, Kenyan telecommunications company Orange has launched a 42 Mbps network in Nairobi. Telkom Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein said that the company has invested more than $49-million for their current 3G offering, and said the expansion is due to a market need.

Orange Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein. (image: file)

“Telkom is moving in data and growing according to the CCK report, but we’re suffering to have more volumes of voice so we’ve decided to continue acquiring the data in this market and the development of data for the high and low end businesses is due to market demand. This is the way to make differentiation in the market and we saw it,” Ghossein said.

Telkom Kenya is the only operator that recorded growth in the market, increasing their share by 7.70%, and the new offering is set to drive them even further. Ghossein added that the hardware of the new service will also allow users to connect to slower networks.

“The new Orange Internet Everywhere 42 Mbps modem will also automatically connect to 21 Mbps speeds while in a 3G coverage area or switch to EDGE if a user totally moves to a non 3G area and the new plug-and-play device is also compatible with varied Operating Systems.”

While the service was rolled out to citizens in Nairobi, Ghossein said that it was a strategic move and that the rest of the country will have to wait several months before they too will be able to reap the rewards of faster connection speeds.

“We’ve decided to first launch in the main cities because that’s where the market share is, but after we get the revenues and profits from Nairobi we’ll continue investing everywhere. We need more money because if customers would like to have more transmission and speed, we’ll have to inject more money into the transmission backbone,” he concluded.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor



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