Mayilo has a game plan for Africa

Nigerian start-up Maliyo Games is taking on the worldwide mobile gaming market and is developing mobile content specifically for the African continent. The company launched in May this year, and with a motto of “Games out of Africa”, they aim to bring African games to the African people.

Maliyo Games is taking on the worldwide mobile gaming market (image: file)

The company has already developed six titles and plans to develop a lot more titles with input from their users.

“We want to be as diverse as possible with our titles, we’d like to see different cultures and attitudes and lifestyles emerge from our games. We want our games to be owned by all Africans, not just Nigerians. We plan for our team to demonstrate that cultural diversity,” said Hugo Obi, co-founder of Maliyo.

Maliyo only operates with a staff contingent of about 15 members, but what makes that unique, is that not all of them are based in the Maliyo office – most of the developers, designers and programmers work remotely across the five continents.

The games developed by Maliyo span many genres, such as Okada Ride, which is based on a boda boda driver; and Class Fight takes on a shooting element with paper balls. Some of the titles also focus on elements that touch on social issue, like Kidnapped – which deals with attacking kidnappers while saving hostages.

There latest game is called Mosquito Smasher and naturally a lot more games are in the pipeline. With the global revenue for mobile games to top $82-billion, Maliyo is poised to take the market by storm.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor