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Telkom SA launches SpaceStream Home to link voice, Internet via satellite

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Telkom today unveiled SpaceStream Home, an IP based communication solution making use of the latest satellite technology.

Steve Lewis, Telkom’s Managing Executive of Product House. (Image: Telkom)

This addition to Telkom’s satellite product portfolio offers voice and Internet services to small business and residential customers. SpaceStream Home offers Internet access with a download rate of up to 512 kbps and either one or two Voice over IP, telephony lines per single deployment. Currently a monthly bandwidth cap of 1 Gigabyte is linked to the Internet service.

Steve Lewis, Telkom’s Managing Executive of Product House says, “An area of focus for Telkom’s satellite strategy is to enable voice and data services in areas where normal wire line or wireless access networks are not cost effective or where high reliability cannot be ensured.”

To this end, the intial focus will be on customers who are currently serviced by manual exchanges, old copper wire line technologies and customers who fall within the SKA exclusion zones.

“SpaceStream Home is an entry level product designed to deliver voice and Internet services to areas with unreliable or no terrestrial infrastructure. It is an especially compelling offer for our customers in rural areas that have been repeatedly hit by cable theft,” explained Mr Lewis.

Added to the challenge of cable theft, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) requires large radio silent areas around the antennas. This prevents the use of terrestrial wireless systems and cellular phones. SpaceStream Home meets SKA’s requirement for radio silence.

“Telkom is sympathetic to its customers in these areas. We understand that the farming community is reliant on quality and sustainable telecommunications services. ICT services are a vital component to the running of a business and is an integral part of everyday living,” said Mr Lewis. 

“It was therefore also important for Telkom to make sure we select the most appropriate satellite technology. SpaceStream Home uses the proven Ku frequency band (12-18 GHz) space segment and is deployed with 1.2 metre antenna dishes to reduce susceptibility to rain and poor weather conditions, thereby improving service reliability.”

“This innovative offering is the result of Telkom’s commitment to consistently update our products and services to make telecommunications more affordable and accessible to business and the broader South African public,” concluded Mr Lewis.

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