Monday, July 22, 2024
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Chips Computing introduces Sage ERP X3 Cloud

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Chips Computing Services, which represents Sage Enterprise in Zimbabwe, has partnered Utande Internet Services to introduce an internet based computing product, Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) X3 Cloud, that will allow for sharing of resources, software and information.

A screenshot of Sage ERP X3 (image: file)

This was announced at a seminar hosted by Chips Computing Services last Thursday (30 May) at Royal Harare Golf Club.

Utande Internet Services is supporting Sage with ‘cloud’ infrastructure.

Sage ERP X3 Cloud will help customers realise a reduction in information technology (IT) expenditure and an increase in agility, making it possible to change the way they do things as well as improve their risk and reputation responsiveness.

It should also help them realise growth in revenue and a reduction in cost, while at the same time making it possible to recognise any shift in customer demands. The launch of this product will also ensure that customers’ equipment is always kept up to date.

Speaking at the seminar, Mike Weeden, Cloud Computing general manager at Utande Internet Services, said some of the characteristics of ‘cloud’ include broad network access and rapid elasticity, which he said was ideal for businesses that grow rapidly, as well as resource pooling and on demand service and self-service.

He said ‘cloud’ also addressed some of the security issues that some customers might have. It  had resilience when it came to communications.

The addition of ‘cloud’ to Sage ERP X3 is aimed at enhancing Sage’s product offering to its customers worldwide. Already, Sage ERP X3 is an adaptable product that provides multi-site data and workflow integration. It is a single product that services a variety of its customers needs.

Giving a Sage ERP X3 product briefing at the same seminar, Sage strategic sales director for the SADC region Justin Robbins said Sage ERP X3 is a complete and extensive business solution. It offers strong adaptability and allows enterprises to define workflows.

Some of the modules that he said come with Sage ERP X3 include telesales, projects, which is ideal for those who run big complex projects such as engineers, RMS, which makes it possible to track customer information and do an analysis, enterprise asset management, which allows for the running of any sort of equipment that needs maintenance, as well as enterprise documents management.

The premium edition of Sage ERP X3 is designed for large and international businesses with many enterprises, while the standard edition is designed to maximise efficiency in businesses with fewer than 50 users that are looking for industry best practices and a fast deployment of the system. Sage ERP X3 Standard is available as a hosted option in ‘cloud’, which saves money on hardware and IT management resources.

Sage is the market leader in Europe, South Africa and Australia. It controls 15 percent of the mid-market share. It has a leading presence in 19 countries. It is a popular brand in Zimbabwe, where a number of listed and non-listed companies make use of Sage products.

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