As WACS launches, another cable is planned

May 11, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

Even with the launch of the WACS cable in South Africa, plans are already underway to roll out another fibre optic cable, this time connecting Kenya to Ethiopia in an effort to curb the effects caused by the frequent undersea cable cut disruptions.

Cable expected to connect Kenya to Ethiopia

East African Marine Cable System (TEAMs) hopes to lay the cable from Nanyuki to Mandera and later connect it to a network in Djibouti. The project start date is said to be in the next eight to 12 months and costs associated are estimated to be around Ksh1.67-billion ($19-million).

“From Djibouti we will have several other fibre operators from whom we can connect to other parts of the country at much cheaper rates than we are currently asked to pay,” said Joel Tanui, General Manager of TEAMs.

Kenya is served by three other fibre optic cables that include Seacom, EASSY and LION2. Currently TEAMs has suffered two cable cuts with the latest being in April and it caused Internet disruptions for close to a month in February.

This led to companies moving in on Satellite Internet services that are much costlier and offer slower voice and data services as compared to fiber optic services.

Satellite services are often very expensive and this additional cable will be a source of comfort to many operators.

Michelle Tongo



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