Facebook bordering on 1-billion users

April 24, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

While social network Facebook filed a fourth amendment to its S-1 to IPO, a number of interesting statistics have emerged about the number of users and the company’s profits for last year.

Facebook revealed that they currently have 901-million users and now boasts over 500-million mobile users (image: file)

The company revealed that they currently have 901-million users, which reflects a marked increase from the 680 million users it had at the same time last year. Facebook grew to 850 million users by the end of 2011, and now boasts over 500-million mobile users.

In terms of profit, they made $1.058 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2012, which is an increase of 44.7% from Q1 2012, but it is still down 6.5% from the last quarter of 2011.

“It paid 23 million shares at $30.89 a share plus $300 million cash for Instagram for a total of $1-billion. So if Facebook maintains its current revenue rate, it would make between $4.69 and $4.81 on each of its 901 million users each year,” TechCrunch wrote.

Facebook had an operating income of just over $381 million, while its net income was $205 million. The largest part of Facebook’s income is derived from advertising, which brought in $872 million of their revenue.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor



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