Bharti Airtel to reduce diesel-powered base stations


Bharti Airtel has announced plans to lower the number of base transmission stations that run on diesel and to reduce the use of fossil fuel in its sites by 2013.

Manoj Kohli, CEO (International) and Joint Managing Director, Bharti Airtel (image: Airtel)

Michael Okwiri, VP and Corporate Communications Head of Airtel Africa, said that Bharti had over the past year cut the number of sites running purely on diesel in favor of renewable power.

Nzioka Waita , Corporate Affairs Director at Safaricom Kenya, said that there are 126 other sites running on generators but the firm plans to use green energy on 58 of these and connect 68 to the national power grid.

He added: “We will phase out 24/7 generator powered sites, in compliance with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, 1999 and introduce energy efficiency measures at all our operations. We will also introduce handset and general e-waste recycling.”

YuMobile have contributed to this by implementing paperless top-up systems. Willis Angira, PR and Corporate Affairs Manager at Essar Telecom Kenya, commented that the move was due to the need to protect the environment.

Angela Ng’ang’a-Mumo, Head of Corporate Affairs at Orange Kenya commented, “We have put up 14 hybrid base transmission stations using solar and wind to conserve the environment and will add more in future.”

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