Minister wants understanding ahead of SIM termination


Haruna Idrissu, Ghana’s Minister of Communications, has given directives to the National Communications Authority (NCA) to engage telecom companies before the termination of all unregistered SIM cards this week.

Haruna Idrissu, Ghana's Minister of Communication, has called for understanding from telecom operators before SIM cards are cut off later this week. (image:

Idrissu spoke at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, hoping the dialogue would enable them to address challenges regarding SIM cards validation without proper registration. These pronouncements are a result of fears by the telecommunication companies of a possible loss of more than 3.2 million customers should the NCA continue as planned.

“If the National Communications Authority engages with network operators, they can reach an understanding on how to deal with the challenges of those who have attempted to register or have registered but have had to wait for a validation to finalize the registration process,” Idrissu said.

Meanwhile, the NCA has said the minister’s directive that the termination is done with a human face plugs into the Authority’s practice. The Authority has already taken steps to ensure no subscriber is deprived his rights says Mawuko Zormell, NCA Deputy Director in Charge of Corporate and Consumer Affairs.

Segun Adekoye