Samsung tops in consumer electronics

Electronics maker Samsung has announced that they are South Africa’s top consumer electronics brand. According to a report released by GFK Group, the company has seen a market growth in their refrigeration and home theatre sector, while sustaining a solid market position in flat panel TVs and washing machines.

Samsung's D5500 Smart LED television (image: Samsung)

“The results indicated growth in the refrigeration market from 20% to 26% (moving from 3rd to 1st position) and single block audio (Home Theatre systems in a box) from 16% to 42% (moving from 2nd to 1st position). Furthermore, it highlights that the overall Samsung flat panel TV market has remained in number 1 position for the past three consecutive years – now with a market share of 40% – with blu-ray players and blu-ray home theatre in number one position since January 2010 (46% and 56% respectively) and similarly washing machines has remained in the number one position for 2 consecutive years, coming in at a market share of 38%,” Samsung said in a statement.

Mathew Thackrah, Consumer Electronics Director at Samsung South Africa, said their success can be attributed to using innovative technology to deliver products to their customers.

“Samsung have certainly elevated their product offerings over the past few years – using innovative technology as a business critical success tool, having developed a number of products that not only meet consumer expectations and needs, but most definitely exceed them by offering products that are ‘smart’; in other words – innovative, convenient and accessible.”

Thackrah continued by saying that Samsung understands their customers’ needs and that works in their favour.

“Not only does Samsung understand the market in which we operate but so too do we understand what consumers are looking for and through this we aim to bring products to market that meet these demands. A key consideration for us as a brand has been the value-add that we can pass onto consumers – how we create convenience through our offerings, how we supply the market with new and innovative ideas and products that enhance lifestyles and certainly, how we deliver upon our promise of quality service delivery,” Thackrah concluded.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor