Windows 8 OS to have app store

In recent days news of Microsoft’s next operating system started to surface, but now the company has confirmed through their Building Windows 8 blog, that Windows 8 will have an app store. This also indicates that Microsoft might be looking at using the app store for game distribution.

Microsoft Windows chief and Senior Vice President Steven Sinofsky (image:

Microsoft Windows chief and Senior Vice President Steven Sinofsky listed an “App Store” team working on Windows 8 in the blog post, and added “you can probably figure out [what teams are working on] based on the name”. There has been no official confirmation of an app store yet.

But this won’t be the first time that Microsoft is trying their hand at an app store. “Windows Vista included a Windows Marketplace that failed to attract much attention. The company also currently operates a web-based Games for Windows Live Marketplace,” Ars Technica wrote.

It was also previously confirmed that Windows 8 will integrate with Xbox Live, Microsoft’s console market place.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor