Vodacom announces 45% DSL price cut

August 22, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Vodacom Business Services has announced a 45% reduction in broadband prices for its Premium Business DSL offerings.

Vodacom has extended data price reductions to their Premium Business DSL services (image source: file photo)

“Our premier DSL services cater for the specific needs of businesses in South Africa and provide companies, from SoHos and SMMEs to large corporations, with an Internet connection that delivers greater choice, exceptional quality, increased cost efficiencies and an excellent user experience,” says Chris Ross, Vodacom Managing Executive for Commercial Development.

Delivered through Vodacom’s Business Services, and exclusively for business customers, DSL broadband services are delivered over fixed lines to business users almost anywhere in the country. Additional and optional 3G failover brings even higher reliability to users.

Ross explains that Vodacom procures bandwidth from a variety of cable systems, including SAFE, SAT3, SEACOM and EASSY, and uses technology that blends these to create complete reliability.

“We are not dependent on any one system and so if one fails there is a transparent switch to another source. With the addition of an optional 3G failover service, available on our CPE routers, our users enjoy reliable connectivity – one of the most important benefits for our users.”

In addition, because Vodacom provides lower contention rates, this results in the delivery of a higher quality service to their business customers.

There are several packages and service bundles available, including hardware such as routers, modems and VoIP devices. Existing customers are welcome to either upgrade or renew contracts to take advantage of the new pricing, says Ross.

“We are committed to meeting the market needs of our business customers, and have heard what they want from a services supplier – reliability, availability, robustness and quality at a reasonable cost. Our new pricing structure, together with our existing infrastructure delivers this and gives them the flexibility and power to choose the solution that best meets their needs,” concludes Ross.

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