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IBM, Nigeria collaborate on IT infrastructure

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Net Solutions Limited and IBM are collaborating on the development of business infrastructure

Net Solutions Limited, a Nigerian information and communications technology solutions provider, and IBM are collaborating on the development of business infrastructure that would empower local businesses and provide adequate return on investment (ROI).

Dr. Steve Uwazie, Managing Director of Net Solutions, says the collaboration with IBM became paramount to further cement its relation with the global company as an enterprise partner.

“We are an Enterprise Partner of IBM in the region and as part of our 10th year anniversary, we thought of having our numerous clients in all sectors of the Nigerian economy to share with us the latest Smarter Business Infrastructure that IBM and Net Solutions can offer them,” says Uwazie.

“Net Solutions looks at the problems of the IT industry and as such do what is good for their different clients via their partnership with IBM, including HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle, among others” says Uwazie.

Uwazie has previously worked for IBM, adding that people have not realised that he is now a brand of his own.

“We are not only IBM but we look at the problem of the markets and do what we believe is good for our client,” he says.

With the competitive market environment, he disclosed that Net Solutions has all it takes to support the Nigerian IT market and the whole of West African sub-region.

“We have come to stay even though there are many challenges ahead. The market is very large. The world is becoming smarter everyday,” he said.

“Smarter Business Infrastructure of IBM manage risk, reduce cost and improve service through IBM dynamic infrastructure solution.”

Bimbo Amotooki

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