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Cisco opens networking academy in Morocco

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Students participating in the Cisco Networking Academy program

The Moroccan government and Cisco have partnered to launch a regional Cisco Networking Academy program aimed at developing communication skills and technology education in the north African country.

The ministry of education said the move was aimed at providing greater educational training in the ICT sector.

“We are honored that the Ministry of National Education has chosen to collaborate with Cisco in its efforts to ultimately provide ICT skills to improve career and economic opportunities for everyone in Morocco. The Cisco Networking Academy provides a vital long-term solution in the form of creating a highly skilled and well trained local work force. This is critical for accelerating and sustaining economic growth,” Hassan Bahej, general manager, Cisco Morocco.

“The Department is committed to providing up-to-date ICT skills training to administrators and trainers as well as education on the most appropriate methods of training delivery,” says Belqasmi, general secretary of State, Ministry of National Education.

“We are very impressed with the Cisco Networking Academy program curriculum and satisfied that it meets the strategic direction of the Ministry. We are therefore very pleased to be working with Cisco to facilitate the introduction of the academy program into the continuing education system of the Department.”

“With Morocco experiencing tremendous IT growth, it is critically important that we equip our citizens with the right skills to enable them to respond to the changing needs of our society,” says Belqasmi.

The Networking Academy program in Morocco has trained nearly 21,000 candidates since its inception in 2001. It continues to go from strength to strength, witnessing a 10 percent increase in student numbers year on year and currently boasting 73 academies and 90 certified Instructors. There 8553 students enrolled in the program in Morocco of who 35% are female.


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