Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Orange Tunisie postpones Livebox sale

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ORANGE Tunisie has delayed the Livebox sale after the telecoms regulator issued them with an infringement warning.

Orange is in breach of the INT regulation, which prohibits Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services.

According to a source, the dispute is not entirely based on the prohibition of VoIP but mainly Orange’s illegal routing of telephony traffic over the network of another operator -Tunisie Telecom, without a valid agreement.

The telecom regulator says it’s working on reaching an agreement between both operators in order to support vibrant competition.

Tariq Kandil, a Tunis-based telecom analyst says the government should be cautious of committing to banning devices that are used by a vast majority people.

“It could stir unnecessary unrest in the country and that is the last thing the telecom s industry or the economy needs at this point,” says Kandil.

Meanwhile Orange Tunisia is urging INT to fast-track the process to implement local loop unbundling at Tunisie Telecom.

By: Staff Writer

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