Kenya Data Networks upgrades its network

Fibre Optic Cable (image source: File photo)

Kenya Data Networks (KDN), a leading telecommunications infrastructure company has partnered with Israel’s ECI Telecom, to help upgrade its network infrastructure in order to maintain regular connectivity and improve customer service.

The partnership, worth about $4 million contract will result in new fibre optic rings being implemented in the country.

A KDN spokesperson says they are hopeful this will help improve their overall services and increase customer satisfaction. The upgrade will ensure continuity and redundancy on all KDN networks.

KDN and ECI Telecom are eager to get the project off the ground in order to help increase the infrastructure and provide a better service to its customers.

“This network upgrade, which is part of a larger $35 million program, has been put in place to ensure that our customers receive the quality of service that they are entitled to,” says Rikus Matthyser, KDN CEO.

“We have seen an increase in fiber cuts and break downs in the past few months and are determined to improve our services in line with our core objectives of providing a world class technology infrastructure.”

The new infrastructure upgrades will allow for an increase in overall capacity and flexibility that the company hopes will make services more user-friendly and cut down on lines being disabled.

Matthyser says the company is also looking to invest significantly in an in-house team of fibre network engineers who are experts in cable installation, operation and maintenance to fully support the upgraded network.

By: Staff Writer