Vodacom: changes more than just the colour

May 12, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Vodacom unveiled it's new colors with huge fanfair (Image: file photo)

South African cellular mobile network provider, Vodacom, says the rebranding of the company logo coincides with its bid to double-speed network and 3G connectivity, a senior official has said.

Vodacom Group Chief Executive Officer, Pieter Uys, said the change in colour and logos came at a time when the mobile network company was also busy increasing internet and cellular mobile penetration into the rural areas.

Responding to questions sent by, Uys said Vodacom would double the number of 3G base stations in the country arguing that the move would take connectivity to many more people.

“The change in colour is the tip of the iceberg, just the outside indication of a much bigger change at Vodacom.

“The role we play in our customers’ lives has changed – connectivity has gone from a convenience to a basic need, and we need to turn our business on its head to make sure that we cater for this,” said Uys. “Power to You” isn’t just our advertising slogan – it’s a new approach and new direction for Vodacom.”

He said the change in logos and colours was not a once-off change insisting the latest development was a journey to unfold within a few weeks and months.

Uys said the network, service and value, which are the three critical customer touch points, were all being transformed as part of the switching from blue to red.

“We currently have the most extensive network in South Africa, but we can’t stop here.  We are going to more than double the number of Vodacom 3G base stations in the country, which will take connectivity to more people than ever before.

“We’re leading a revolution to connect the entire country – this isn’t about cherry picking a few people in cities for an elite service, it’s about getting a decent connection to everyone and ensuring that nobody gets left behind,” Uys said.

He said that the technological innovation would remain a key part of Vodacom’s network strategy boasting that the company has more than 4,300 3G sites in the country saying half of which were 21 Mbps enabled and just under 1,000 of which are enabled for 42 Mbps sites.

“To put this next generation 42 Mbps technology in perspective, with compatible modems the theoretical peak speed achievable by customers is more than 100 times faster than Vodacom’s original 3G offering launched as a South African first in December 2004,” Uys said.

He added: “Our customers expect the best service to match our leading network. We’re rolling out totally redesigned stores to make the entire experience of Vodacom fresh and inspiring – and we’ll of course showcase the latest technology.”

“The primary reason for investing in this new double-speed technology was to improve the customer experience,” he said. “With greater capacity on each base station, we can achieve just that.  The fact that individual connection speeds can be twice as fast is a nice side-effect but not the main goal.”

“Vodacom’s investment in this new technology really is a win-win. Connections speeds increase and the network capacity itself is also increased,” he said.

By Tintswalo Baloyi



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