Uganda to celebrate World Telecoms Day

As part of World Telecommunications Day, Uganda hopes that its participation in the event will help raise awareness of the sector and push investment forward. The government said that its participation hopes to create an atmosphere where the Internet and ICT companies can help bridge the global digital divide.

The day comes as Uganda sees massive growth in the telecommunication sector boosted by a growth in the number of Internet and data providers as well as telecom service providers.

The telecommunications day also aims at reviewing economic possibilities that the sector can bring to societies and economies.

Speaking to the Daily Monitor in Kampala last week, Mr Shailendra Naidu, the Warid chief commercial officer, said “as we celebrate this day Warid is committed to driving customer service affordability through providing different offers including cheaper call bundles and other such promotions.”

Warid has been at the forefront of forcing down telecom rates for local and international calls, which have fallen by about 60 percent.

By Staff