Monday, July 22, 2024
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Telecel reduces cost of calls to other networks

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Telecel Zimbabwe has standardised it’s rates for calls to all local mobile phone networks. It will now cost Telecel subscribers the same to call a Net One or Econet number as it does to call another Telecel number during peak hours.

Previously calls to other networks cost 25 US cents per minute (0,42 cents per second), while Telecel to Telecel calls cost 23 cents per minute (0,38 cents per second). Now the 23 cents per minute is applicable to calls to all three networks. Calls from a Telecel number to a landline still cost 21 cents per minute.

The reduction in the rate for calls to other networks is one of several promotions Telecel has introduced in recent weeks to make calls cheaper for its customers and give them added value.

It’s Mega Juice Card, which costs one dollar and includes one dollar’s bonus airtime that can be used for calls to other Telecel numbers, is now valid for up to seven days. Previously it was only valid until 5am the next day.

A Telecel SIM card, which costs two dollars, comes with two dollars worth of airtime, one dollar of which can only be used for calls to another Telecel number while the other dollar can be used to make calls to any number at all. Previously all of the free airtime had to be used on calls to other Telecel numbers.

A Telecel spokesperson said Telecel had decided to start off 2011 with promotions that would offer their customers added convenience and reduced costs.

“It is a trend we started last year when we led the way in drastically reducing the cost of SIM cards and starter packs, which include a handset, and reduced the cost of calls to 23 major countries to the same cost as a standard local call.

“This year we have decided to cut costs further for our customers by reducing the cost of calls to other networks to the same as the cost of calls on our own network, extending the validity period of our popular Mega Juice Card and offering purchasers of our lines free airtime for calls to other networks as well as our own.,” he said.

By Angela Meadon

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