Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Egypt Telecom workers join protests

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Egytptian protests enter their 16th day
Telecom Egypt workers protested low wages on Tuesday as protests in the country enter their 15th day. It comes on the back drop of continuing dismal wages for the employees at the state-owned company.

“We have been waiting far too long for the government to improve our standard of living.” They said during their protest.

Hassan Radwan, a 48-year-old Telecom Egypt employee and father of four, said that he has not been able to support his family for years on the salary he receives, forcing him to work as a taxi driver in off hours to make ends meet.

“It is too much. Their lies and their way of treating us is horrible, I just want to see change and that is why all Telecom Egypt is striking and making our voices heard.”

Around 200 employees of the telecoms firm also protested in Suez, a port city where many complain they cannot find work or are paid too little for the jobs they do land.

Two-thirds of the population are under 30, an age group that accounts for 90 percent of the jobless. About 40 percent of the 79 million population live on less than $2 a day.

By Joseph Mayton

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