P2D expands to Southern Cape

Dawid Jacobs, CEO Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions
Electronic record and document management solution provider, Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions (P2D) has expanded to the Southern Cape in South Africa, following the country’s growing demand for digital solutions.

The company has appointed independent agents in the area and will be opening offices soon, according to Dawid Jacobs, CEO P2D.

“The growth towards electronic storage and record management has become the fastest growing industry worldwide with South Africa following as one of the fastest emerging markets. Record management is critical to every businesses success or failure, from SME’s to the larger corporations”, he said.

P2D offers full-service, end-to-end solutions ranging from scanning and indexing of archives to electronically storing and managing of secure documents and records on highly secure database servers. Its core product, Electronic Record Management System (ERMS), allows clients to store and access their records through live operational electronic data, minimizing costs and avoiding the lost or damaged documents problem.

Jacob said the electronic file cabinet enables companies to stay competitive, with secured and rapid access to their documents by using an electronic record management service.

Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions is a South African specialist electronic record and document management solutions provider that enables its clients to digitise paper-based documents into tamperproof electronic documents that can be easily retrieved in seconds.

The company specialises in system research, system implementation, ERMS compliancy and quality management through comprehensive industry leading audit controls. Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions has implemented all the required policies and standard operational procedures according to SANS 15801, ISO 15489 and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act), being able to provide an audit trial of every scanned document.