MTN SA introduces lower broadband rates

MTN South Africa has launched a time-based data package and lowered out-of-bundle data rates by up to 84% effective March 28.

“The South African broadband market is incredibly competitive with several companies offering many different packages and deals to their customers. Through our time-based data packages, we are keeping pace with these conditions”, said Serame Taukabong, CMO at MTN South Africa.

Once activated, the new 1-Day Unlimited bundle lasts for 24 hours and is available at R50, after which a 150MB rate applies and connectivity drops to 128Kbps. A 90 minute data bundle will sell for R25, with bandwidth speed limited at 128Kbps. The offer is valid for 30 days with an additional 30-day carry-over of unused minutes.

“In addition to the new offerings, we are also significantly reducing our out-of-bundle data rates. Data bundle subscribers will also now benefit from a flat-rate tariff meaning out-of-bundle rates will be the same as in-bundle rates”, added Taukabong.

Launched in 1994, the MTN Group is a multinational telecommunications group, operating in 21 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


  1. Ok what is up with going slower again? What is the deal with “You can download your butt of but at the speeds of ISDN back in the 80’s”… If you want to send an email you want to send it NOW, not wait for your super duper ISDN-like connection to send that important powerpoint.

  2. This seems like the old concept of; a gift with conditions. This is not a discount. It is quite disgusting what users pay for broadband bundles.

    At Afrihost one can buy 1GB broadband for R29.00 with none of the pathetic user time conditions. The cellular companies can certainly match these deal or at least make more sensible offerings. Its simply a ripp-off to say the least. Goverment should step in on these monopolies.

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