Philips unveils world’s first people sensor LCD monitor


LCD monitor Philips 225B comes with a PowerSensor technology that detects user presence and adjusts power consumption accordingly to reduce energy usage by up to 50%.

“Philips PowerSensor technology represents an important breakthrough in the development and manufacture of monitors that offer real power saving features”, commented Bruce Byrne, Visual Communications Specialist at DCC, the monitor’s official distributor in South Africa.

The green LCD monitor features a “people sensor” that transmits and receives harmless infrared signals to determine if a user is present, automatically reducing monitor brightness when the user steps away from the desk. This helps cutting energy costs and prolonging monitor life, marking an important milestone in monitor energy-saving advancement.

Philips 225B is suitable both for businesses and the energy-conscious consumer, featuring built-in stereo audio, screen tilt and swivel, height adjustable stand for perfect viewing position and two lamps, low wattage (20w power usage).

Additionally, TrueVision technology ensures quality display performance and tests for monitor adjustment and fine tuning and SmartImage technology analyzes the content displayed on the screen to dynamically enhance the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and videos, based on the information obtained.

The monitor is delivered to the South African channel by distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). The product is part of the new eco-conscious Philips range, containing lead-free materials, 100% recyclable parts and 50% reduction in mercury content in lamps, apart from the mentioned energy-saving capabilities.