Drop in interconnection tariffs, long overdue- Neotel

Ajay_Pandey.jpg“We know that a drop in interconnection tariffs is long overdue,” says Wandile Zote, Executive Head Communications at Neotel. “This drop will go a long way in alleviating pressure for the consumer and is a step in the right direction.” Zote does however believe that rates should be lowered even further.

In a statement released by the Executive Head Communications, Neotel has welcomed the announcement by the three mobile operators that interconnection tariffs will be lowered next year.

“We fully support ICASA’s regulatory process under section 10 of the EC Act and trust that this will mean a further drop in interconnection rates,” he says. ICASA has been given a deadline of June 2010 to complete the regulatory process. “The critical thing is that the industry should support ICASA in this process as it is in the best interest of consumers after all.”

Neotel still believes that the industry has a long way to go. “Addressing the exorbitant interconnection tariffs is only the beginning,” says Zote. “There is a lot of work still to be done around geographic number portability, local loop unbundling, carrier pre-select and spectrum allocation to name but a few,” he concludes.


  1. Great news, I just wish that this interconnection tariff decrease could be done before we even reach March 2010.

    Please ICASA, hurry up! We cannot wait any longer. Perhaps it’ll be a perfect time for us prepaid customers to sign up for contracts! Yeah!

  2. Landline users should think twice before switching to Neotel for any of their services. Just have a look at hellopeter.com or myadsl.co.za forums before signing that neotel contract!

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