SEACOM boss happy with ownership structure


SEACOM_brian2.jpg(IT News Africa) —SEACOM president Brian Herlihy was upbeat when he spoke about his company’s fibre-optic initiative and its ownership structure.

He was speaking at the Jomo Kenyatta International Conference Centre at the SEACOM launch this week.

“We are very proud that 25 percent of SEACOM is owned by Americans and more proud that it is 75 percent owned by African investors,” Herlihy told delegates at the conference.

SEACOM, an underwater fibre optic communications cable, connects Southern and Eastern Africa to the rest of the world. It was switched on on July 23.
Since its activations, some mobile have hailed it saying it had enhanced their operations.

By Brian Adero



  1. he is the owner he probably would be happy with any ownership plan.

    That being said, the real question here concerns the bandwidth costs and effect of Seacom on the East African community.

  2. The ownership structure is fine, majority African with American input. They have also delivered according to plan and have kept their promise to have affordable rates. Now it’s upto the ISP’s locally to pass on the benefits to make cheap bandwidth a reality for millions. I cant understand how SEACOM can invest US$650 million only for companies investing US$10 million to frustrate the end users.

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