AccessKenya to offer Kenyan customers TEAMS connection

ACCESS-KENYA Group, the country’s first publicly listed information and telecommunications company and Corporate Internet Service Provider, said it planned to implement its second international fibre connection from TEAMS next month.

This follows the beginning of its process of “double bandwidth for free” upgrades for all its corporate customers.

“All our customers are now enjoying the benefits of our Seacom international connection, where AccessKenya has bought 2.5Gbs – more capacity than any one else in the Kenyan market. The fibre has significantly reduced the latency of the connection to the internet, meaning that customers have a much better experience for all aspects of their internet service, whether it’s browsing, using VPNs or even watching clips on You Tube! Having thoroughly tested the connection and upgraded
the capacities on our local network, we are now ready to start implementing our double bandwidth for free programme for all our customers,” commented Jonathan Somen, Group Managing Director.

He added, “However, the good news for our customers is that we have now ordered all the necessary technical components to carry our traffic directly from Nairobi to London on our share of the TEAMS fibre which is expected to go live some time during next month. We have a further 2.5 GB
of capacity on TEAMS and once this network is up and running, our customers will enjoy full redundancy between the cables with no need for rolling back to the slower satellite services. Real fibre based broadband with resilience is almost here and we are pleased that AccessKenya can
once again take the lead in its delivery.”

Somen said connectivity to the international fibre cables is already being provided to all AccessKenya customers irrespective of whether they connect to AccessKenya through fibre, microwave or copper.