Wireless infrastructure spend overtakes wired- Motorola


Motorola on Thursday released research findings showing wireless infrastructure spend has indeed overtaken wired systems in majority of large enterprises.

Marco Landi, Motorola acting vice president and general manager (enterprise mobility business), the respondents in the research were questioned on drivers for wireless adoption and 57 percent of them said their main reason for going wireless was a strategic need for mobility while others included the need to upgrade or replace an existing wired LAN as their motivation.

This technology may not be in Africa yet, but it will have an impact in one way or another on the continent in the near future.

“The research has also revealed that 88 percent of companies expect all their networked equipment to be wireless-enabled within the next three years.

“With budgets being squeezed, companies in every sector are looking for ways to become more efficient and mobility gives business the means to be more responsive. It is therefore no surprise the trend is towards all the wireless networks,” said Landi.

He said applications for mobility were on the increase.

“The truth is that workforces are no longer fixed and employees need to be able to access data on the move, both inside and outside their offices,” said Landi.

According to Landi, the research also found that 76 percent of companies already have some form of wireless infrastructure in place and almost a fifth of businesses were largely or entirely wireless