Ericsson opens Madagascan office

ericsson.jpgGlobal telecommunications leader, Ericsson, has announced the official opening of its Madagascan office on Wednesday 03 December 2008. Another important milestone in the company’s continuing emerging markets expansion programme, the opening reflects Ericsson’s commitment to the country and its development.

“We are delighted to be officially opening an office in Madagascar,” confirms Ericsson country manager, Thomas Sonesson. “We are already working with the three leading telecom operators in the country and this will improve our service delivery capacity, enabling us to offer a complete portfolio of world-class network roll-out and consulting services, together with systems integration and managed services, all from under one roof.”

Ericsson’s investment in and commitment to helping in the development of the country is also reflected in its intention to recruit locally, as well as use local suppliers, wherever possible. “We have already recruited 40 local employees and the office will continue to rely on more than 75 percent local staff throughout its operation,” verifies Sonesson.

Sonesson is also excited about the prospect of playing an active role in driving the development of telecommunications within the country. “At Ericsson, our vision is to be the prime driver in an all-communicating world and we know from experience that, if communication is provided within a solid business framework and specifically geared towards addressing the challenges faced within emerging markets, it has a tremendous impact on the speed of development in society, as well as the quality of life of every new subscriber added,” he explains. “That is why we are already making preparations for the start of several new projects with the government and are determined to help make ‘communication for all’ in Madagascar a reality.”